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About Cassie



       Cassie spent most of her youth dancing at Jill Johnson's Dance Studio in Santa Paula, CA.  At age 14, she began teaching dance classes at her church, and that summer her mom helped put together the first Dance Camp.  What began as one week with 25 girls in 1997 has grown into multiple weeks and hundreds of campers each year!  Through college, marriage, a teaching career, and now motherhood, Dance Camp continues to be a driving force in Cassie's life.  

      Cassie's passion for empowering young ladies to be confident, joyful, modest and supportive of one another is what keeps her coming back year after year.  She loves camp as much as the dancers do!  Cassie feels very blessed to have this opportunity to do what she loves, while helping to build a better future for the girls and her community. Sharing her love for her Creator and Savior through music and dance is what makes her so enthusiastic about Dance Camp!  After more than 25 years,  she shows no signs of slowing down!


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